• Can we fund you to work on research?

    Yes! I am open to discussions about your research questions or reading Requests for Proposals (RfPs).

  • Are you available as a consultant?

    On a very, very limited basis; please note that as I have a wide range of experience -- both technical and managerial -- I charge a premium rate.

  • Are you open to internship opportunities?

    I am open to select internship opportunities that are aligned with the goals of my Ph.D. In particular, I am open to technical internships in which I would learn new things, work with new collaborators at your institution, and publish.

  • Will you take me as a student?

    I have limited availability to supervise students. Please note that there is a formal interview process, including a coding interview and research question interview. If you are interested, please fill out the form here. Preference is given to students with prior publications, and with experience in deep learning and associated software packages such as pytorch.

  • Do you have advice on how to get into Stanford for a Ph.D. program?

    I can't tell you much beyond what is already available online: namely, that research experience, publications, and letters of recommendation are usually the most heavily-weighted parts of an application. Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide personalized advice to individual inquirers.